On it's reunion with the most international sports event in the Canary Islands, the fans once again took the leading role in the starting ceremony, which was brilliantly held in this new venue. One by one, all participants of this edition went up the starting ramp before the first leg, which begins tomorrow at 9.30 am. Previously, Miko Marczyk – the fastest driver in the qualifying stage – chose to start at the second position.

The Polish team has made the best time in the stage drawn up on the road Los Picos de Telde and will therefore be the first to choose starting position for the first leg on Friday. Next will be Alexey Lukyanuk-Alexey Arnautov, Surhayén Pernía-Alba Sánchez. The position selection will take place from 5.15 pm in the Gran Canaria Arena as an event open to the public, followed by the press conference, the autograph session and the starting ceremony.

Wednesday – The teams participating in this FIA European Rally Championship edition have been rallying all stages during the whole day, which is crucial in order to ensure a good performance throughout both days of the competition. On Thursday, the qualifying stage, the autograph session and the starting ceremony will complete a quite intense day.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 20:13

Este jueves, primer plato fuerte del 45 Rally Islas Canarias

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A lo largo de toda la jornada del miércoles, los equipos de esta cita del FIA European Rally Championship han estado reconociendo los tramos, una actividad vital para obtener un buen rendimiento durante las dos jornadas de competición. Para el jueves, la qualifying stage, la firma de autógrafos y la ceremonia de salida, completarán un intenso día.

During the first two days of the week, several of the teams registered in this edition have been carrying out different tests to optimize the set-up of their vehicles. Today, Tuesday, they have passed through the venue of the event, at the Estadio de Gran Canaria, to collect the necessary documents to start the recces.

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 19:30

Marczyk, with number one in the 45 Rally Islas Canarias

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For the third time in history, a Polish driver will have that number on the entry list of Rally Islas Canarias. Together with Efrén Llarena, who will have the two, they will focus the battle for the runner-up in the FIA ​​ERC. Finally there will be 72 teams that will take the game, with the presence of the public, on Thursday, November 18 from the Gran Canaria Arena.

With two Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, the Polish and the Spanish are part of a list of entries that exceeds the figure of 70 participants, just over 20 with vehicles of the Rally2 category. Rally Islas Canarias will bring together, in this edition, participants from 16 different nationalities.

Today, Friday, October 8, from 2:00 p.m., the 45 Rally Islas Canarias has opened its entries period. At the same time, Todo Sport has made public the itinerary of an edition that will be held, between November 18 and 20, the 2022 last chapter of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship.

The French team M-Sport have been awarded the victory in this race of the FIA European Rally Championship. The weather have conditioned both of the two legs, causing several changes throughout the 17 stages of the itinerary. Yoann Bonato-Benjamin Boulloud completed the double French starring, ahead of Iván Ares-David Vázquez, who reached their second international podium of the season. Alexey Lukyanuk was crowned FIA ERC champion, whereas Pepe López-Borja Rozada took the lead in the Spanish Tarmac Rally Championship (CERA) and in the Spanish Rally Super-Championship (S-CER) in a mind-blowing finale.

Incidents have been taking place among most of the teams with genuine hopes in the 44 edition of the Rally Islas Canarias. The French Ford team is now leading the race, ahead of its countrymen Bonato-Boulloud and of Ares-Vázquez. In the national part, the Galician Hyundai team stayed ahead of Suárez-Iglesisas, who ranked first in the Spanish Rally Super-Championship after the odyssey of Solans-Moreno.

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