Rally Islas Canarias El Corte Inglés

The 38 Rally Islas Canarias 'El Corte Ingles' starts

Although the promoter is seeking support with which to cope with the difficult economic situation that drags the test from last year by defaults well known to all , the Organizing Committee and has a closed what will be the 2014 edition outline will be held on 27, 28 and 29 March.

With some delay from what is their usual schedule for the economic problems that have held in check , the Rally Islas Canarias ' El Corte Ingles ' has put machinery in motion for the celebration of its 38th year . In order to maintain the same level that the test has had in his later years , the Organizing Committee poses a rally international character, with a demanding course which may still be subject to algunamodificación news and as important as the possible holding of a stretch show at the Estadio de Gran Canaria or offer cash prizes to the top finishers .

Beginning with its status as an international test, it has been recently approved by the International Automobile Federation . In this sense, the race promoter , Luis Monzón , is already in contact with other drivers and teams that will make this edition worthy of the history of this test. Of course the monsoon is another priority move forward a budget that is not yet closed and remains the main stumbling block in the immediate future of Rally Islas Canarias 'El Corte Ingles ' .

As for the tour, there have been many versions that the Organizing Committee has worked to come up with one that meets much of the essence of this rally. As always the run will start on Thursday, March 27th with the celebration from 20:30 hours departure ceremony . Following a different scheme to other years , the shakedown will take place on Friday, March 28th .

To give more emphasis to the first stage , this will be concentrated during the late night is Friday. The first three sections that will tour some of the most emblematic places of Gran Canaria will be at night. Speaking of mileage, plate fuertellegará on Saturday March 29 with nine special stages , the three variants of the night before and the arrival on the scene three more to be done in the last two sections covering much of the island territory . In total , more than 570 kilometers of the rally to be around 180 km stretch , ie , around 32 percent.

Also you are trying to hold a show stretch around the Estadio Gran Canaria in a format that would give a major boost to the ceremony itself out and that would be the first act of this edition. And the organizer also works with various alternatives in important aspects such as the location of the start / finish of the race and park work.

It is also currently studying the feasibility of which would add another major new feature this year : offering cash prizes for the top finishers . In this sense, the Organizing Committee is aware of the great effort made by the drivers and teams when participating in this race , among other events , will open the season with the national asphalt coefficient 1.5 .

All to give that special mark this 38th Rally Islas Canarias 'El Corte Ingles ' fans deserve that , especially after having been pushing in recent months so difficult for everyone.

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